Manufactures according to the size, length and model of the person's head size. It is very easy to use. It's not like you're out of your head because it's built to the size of the person.

Ful Tres Wig

They are all machine work wigs according to the size of the person’s head. There are two types of skinned wigs.

Hairy Wig

The hair is processed one by one to make the hill spot area. The skin gives a very natural look. It does not slip thanks to special buckles.

Skinless Wig

According  to the dimensions of the forehead.Much easy to maintain. It is heat resistant. It can be prepared as synthetic or real hair. Size, color and volume can be prepared. Does not slip thanks to special buckles.

Silk Skin Wigs

There are two models as full top and middle top. These models, which have a very natural appearance, are our most preferred models. The desired length, color and volume can be prepared.

Medical Wig

It is produced from 100% natural hair. You can separate your hair in the direction you want. Make the slip with special buckles. It is very practical to use.

Prosthetic Wigs

It is obtained by processing 100% real hair to the leather-looking layer by taking the mold of the desired area in your hair. You can apply it yourself by means of adhesive tapes.

Front Tulle Wig

The front - forehead of the wig is handmade by using ultra thin tulle and the back is made by machine workmanship. It is suitable for cinema, advertising and theater. Depending on the demand, the tulle and tulle color can be made by determining the various nuances.

Complete Tulle Wig

It is a model made entirely by hand work. Depending on the demand can be made by specifying the tulle and color of various subtleties. Usually preferred for cinema, advertising and theater.

Washing Instruction

It can be washed once a week according to usage.

After combing your wig, you can wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

You can leave it to dry with blow-dryer or in its own case.

You can use your wig stand to make your wig last longer

  • Color
    • #1, #2, #4, #6 or the color you want.
  • Length
    • Between 30-90 Cm
  • Hair Origin
    • Turkish Hair, Russian Hair, Uzbek Hair, Jakarta Hair
  • Hair Type
    • Straight, Water Wave, Natural Wave