Beard & Mustache & Sideburn & Brow

Our products are made according to a special hair type that does not shine against synthetic hair, 100% real hair. Areas of use are advertising, series, cinema and organization. They are rarely used personally. You can obtain special adhesive from our company.

  • Our products are 100% guaranteed. We have post-purchase information and support services.
  • We make the product you want by taking your exact measurements according to the specific mold dimensions.
  • You can contact us in order to try the products that are suitable for your taste and request and to try our various products and make healthier decisions.
  • We make professional designs for all kinds of special projects such as cinema, advertisement, series, theater, party, organization works and show.
  • If you can't find the product you are looking for, you can show us the photo of the product you want and give us time.


Usually used in cinema, series, advertising and theater.The ultra-fine tulle is made by applying 100% hand work according to your taken eyebrow size. It is applied by using special adhesive. When it is processed as a single wire, it is never certain and remains quite natural.


According to your desired mustache model and your size, ultra-fine tule is applied by applying 100% hand workmanship. When it is processed as a single bristle, it is never certain and stands very natural. We do not recommend for personal use.


According to the beard size and model of the desired color and thin tule is made with 100% hand work. It is applied with Special Adhesive.


According to the sideburn size and model of the desired color and thin tule 100% hand made workmanship product. It is applied with Special Adhesive.

  • Color
    • Each Color
  • Length
    • Between 3-40 Cm
  • Hair Origin
    • Real Hair, Synthetic Hair
  • Model
    • Your preferred model.
  • Hair Type
    • Straight, Water Wave, Natural Wave