About Us

Our founder, Fikret Çağlar, has been serving in Taksim for 35 years. The growth strategy of our company starting from a small workshop; to produce products in harmony with the needs of individuals and to progress rapidly in the path of growth. Fikret Peruk, which has a wide range of products, can be produced professionally for all kinds of needs of the person with the experience of our founder Fikret Çağlar in the production workshop. 

In addition to serving our valued customers, we have the pleasure of working in fields such as cinema, TV series, advertising and theater. After 35 years, we will continue to serve you with our “Customer Satisfaction”, “Superior Quality Product” and “Workmanship” principles.

Custom Design

Wig, beard and mustache works for the person or trinket & sculpture are made with tule or machine workmanship with 100% manual work. Synthetic or human hair is used according to demands and needs.

Experience & Quality

As we are Fikret Peruk, we have been serving cinema, theater, advertising films and our valued customers for 35 years. The hair used in our company is 100% real hair, but the first quality hair. Since the hair used in the products are all the same size, they are bulky to the bottom. In addition, because it is sewn with a special workmanship is absolutely no spill. The wig used in our wigs are ultra thin and do not disturb the skin and the skin gets air.

100% Hand Made

Crochet work is generally used for films, series, advertising and organization, as well as film and theater tulle. Optionally, the skin can be used at the top of the wig. Density, length and color are determined according to the characteristics of the work to be done and special work is done.

Our products are produced by using the best materials and produced individually.